Grocery Stores


Please note: Not all store recommendations will be 100% zero-waste in delivery, but they may be conscious towards such requests if made. We have added stores on the merit of many other sustainable considerations; are they locally sourced ingredients, organic ,support local farmer communities or provide plant based alternatives. 


Groceries & Basic Needs

Go Rustic (Bengaluru)

Conscious Foods (Mumbai)

Svaguna (Mumbai)

Green Mantra (Bengaluru)

Fresh Mills store (Bengaluru)

Black Baza Coffee Co (Bengaluru)
Cocoatrait chocolates (Plastic-free & Vegan)

Fresh Mill Oils (Bengaluru)

Zama Organics(Mumbai)

Monks Bouffe (Mumbai)

Adrish Zero-Waste Organic Store

The Mushroom Company Mumbai (Mumbai)

The Better Butter Factory (Mangalore)

Supplements for Workout

Phytelabs (protein powder)


Complete Meal Delivery

Sampoorna Ahara




Dittoo Ice-Creams

Urban Platter

The Eco Trunk

Vegan Dukan

Bombay Cheese Company

Cowvathi: Dairy Free Cheese

Angelo Vegan Cheese

Soft Spot Vegan Cheese

Live Yum Foods

Earth Story (Chennai-only)

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