Scrap Metal Management

Below are some common examples of scrap metal in our daily lives that can be cleaned &  collected for recycling.

  1. Aluminium Beverage cans- Rinse them quickly after use and store them.
  2. Take out Containers - Spread them out and scrub them clean just like you would while dishwashing.
  3. Aluminium foil wraps - Carefully open and rinse them, ensure there is no stench and crush them into a ball.

Scrap metal is accepted for recycling by your local Kabadiwala when there is large quantity collected as the value increases with volume.


Always ensure the metal scrap you collect is CLEAN & RINSED without any food particle contamination or grease. Otherwise it will be rejected by your local kabadiwala (recycler).

Not all Aluminium Foils are 100% metal and thus cannot be recycled. They are commonly found in products like chocolates and other food items in the market. These foils are laminated with a layer of plastic and cannot be managed.

IDENTIFICATION of MIXED FOIL: When you attempt to tear them, they tear slowly with a slight pull. The plastic is visible between the tear. This is MIXED WASTE that belongs in trash and has no solution for recycling or proper management.

Pure aluminium foil that is 100% metal is crinkly and makes a metallic sound when torn.

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