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What is Ullisu?

Before you ask,
"Ullisu" is Kannada for "save".

At Ullisu, we have always aimed at providing support and resources to help individuals make sustainable lifestyle choices.

We started as a personal blog, and are still known for being a realistic journal of an attempt at reducing our polluting impact on the planet.

Our key focus has been building habits to lead a Zero-waste Lifestyle.

We do not just focus on helping you reduce single-use plastic consumption, but provide a wholesome perspective on how a consumer can aid and support the shift to a more circular economy. By following our candid blogs and free resource initiatives like the Package free Map, hundreds of people have felt inspired to kickstart their own zero-waste journey. Thus cutting the demand for waste generation at source.



Mrudula Joshi

Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant


Ullisu is an initiative to increase accessibility &  provide support for anyone hoping to make environmentally motivated lifestyle changes.



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