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Ullisu Denim Waxing Strips - Pack of 12
Ullisu Denim Waxing Strips - Pack of 12
Ullisu Denim Waxing Strips - Pack of 12
Ullisu Denim Waxing Strips - Pack of 12

Ullisu Denim Waxing Strips - Pack of 12

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Before you begin the session, make a small request and insist that you'd like your waxing session to be done using these denim strips. Assure them not to worry & that you'll take care of the strips once they're done. 
Do not use cloth strips with:
- Rica or Rollon wax. 
This hardens on the cloth and will not be easy to remove
Use cloth strips with:  
- Regular Honey wax 
- Chocolate honey wax 
How to Clean the strips:
  1. Bring the used strips back home in a bag (you could reuse any old plastic bag for this)
  2. Drop these strips in a mug of Hot water overnight.
  3. Once the wax has dissolved, rinse it the next day when you enter for morning bath.
  4. Leave it to dry with your laundry and Reuse the strips for next time. 
Every beauty parlour uses a disposable plastic waxing strip which is dumped to be trashed after every use! A small yet another huge contribution to landfills when it gets added up, this trash can easily avoided when we use cloth strips for the same purpose. 
In fact, many of us will remember that cloth strips were exactly what was always used until it became more convenient to use disposables for the busy parlours. 
So let's reduce the hassle for these parlours, and bring our own reusable waxing strips instead next time we visit them? 

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