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There are 3 kinds of consultation sessions I offer at Ullisu:

One-on-One Session for Individuals

I offer one-on-one discussion on Sustainable Living for individuals interested in starting a new journey on Low waste & Sustainable lifestyle.
Counselling Fee: Rs.500 (per person) 30-min session per session

Sustainability Evangelist Guidance

I offer counsel & guidance on speaking about sustainability if you're looking to understand effective communication tips for product marketing or wish to present to any audience on these subjects.
How to avoid Greenwashing in your message and establish more honesty in your sustainability crusade.
Counselling Fee: Rs.700 per hour (per person)

Zero-Waste Living & Circular Economy Webinar

I conduct group training sessions on understanding circular economy such that participants are left with the skill to brainstorm zero-waste solutions in their lifestyle & work, without the need to follow a "sustainability checklist".
Counselling Fee: Rs.5000 (group sessions only)

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