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These brands are useful if you're looking to organize an event, look for bulk gifts or stationery items for work. Social events are the most wasteful time and you can look out for the below resources for something eco-friendly.


Eco-friendly Packaging & Cutlery

AstuEco (arecanut packaging & customization)

Agropak(Arecanut and Bagasse food packaging)

Regeno Bio (Dissolvable Natural Plastic bags)

The Mend Packaging (Paper Bags, Cartons, Tapes)

PaperX (bubble wrap alternative)

Dopolgy (Seed Paper Tags & cards)

Pappco (Compostable Cutlery)

Edco India (Edible Cups)

THE NOM (Edible flavored straws)

Think Earth (Edible spoons)

Adamya Chetna (Cutlery Bank)

Green Directory for more resources

Green Directory (for any B2B resources you need)


Event Waste Management Partners

Skrap Zerowaste

Saahas Zero waste

Earthling First


Events Planner

Shyamala Suresh (Wedding planner) (Wedding Planner)

Nose to Tail Events (for all events)

Shaadi Ityadi

Use Me Works (Decor & Spaces)

Best Day Ever

Decor By Krishna

Green Myna


Food Caterers

Eat Raja Juices (Juice catering)


Invitation Cards & Bulk orders 

Masala Lettering (Calligraphy writing specialist)

Aaroro Draws (Digital Design)

Dopolgy (Seed paper invites)


Gift giving or Bulk Orders 

Biomimic Theory

Esscent Life (Flower waste Agarbattis)

Gulmeher (festive needs)

Gift Green

Green the Map (upcycled products)

Wonky Works (upcycled glass)


Earth Able


Bhu Eco-sensitives

Urvee Products

Recycle Green (all Lifestyle products)
Recycled Furniture & Products

Eco Eclectic tech group

RUR green life

Eco Link India


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