Find your Tribe

A video call every alternate Sunday are a great way to meet and share stories with like minded people who are also living eco-consciously.

The calls are a way to socialize and get in-depth details about the experiences we all go through. And also a great place to find that support you may not have with your peers!

Join the Tribe is an online networking space inspired by The offline Zero waste meet-up initiative in Mumbai.

These calls may be hosted by:

  • Mehndi Shivdasani from the Conscious Chokri Blog. She is the founder of the monthly Zerowaste-Mumbai meet-up, and an early practitioner of a low waste lifestyle herself!
  • Mrudula joshi from Ullisu.official. Creator of this website, a platform to connect all of the eco-consumers to companies aiming to create a circular economy.
  • Reagan Credo from Reagan Creado. Aquatic & Beach wildlife enthusiast, and a great inspiration for someone hoping to live self-reliant with an appreciation for the local life. And also our only male host!



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