If you have the same vision we do, i.e to help individuals make a smooth transition to a circular economy, join us and let's grow Ullisu together!

Some of these roles are only on a volunteer basis due to the nature of the work, and some roles are long-term for the e-commerce store where we are looking for a candidate who would be suitable as part of our core team (compensation will be negotiated as per our growth)

Kindly browse and apply for a suitable post by sending us:
- Resume
- Why you would like to work with us
- Your field of interest and work you have done so far.

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E-commerce Business Development

  • Organizing and prioritize agendas for E-commerce Platform.
  • Reaching out to businesses for collaborations.
  • Plan for upcoming events & campaigns as relevant for the store.
  • Discovering and reaching out to unique brands that align with our values at Ullisu.
  • Maintaining communication with our sellers onboard.
  • Updating the store information as per brand updates.
  • We would prefer candidates who could eventually become part of our core team.

Social Media & Design

  • Daily social media engagement & creating content for the E-commerce Page
  • Planning relevant promotional content for upcoming projects.
  • Adapting to the communication style in sync with our brand.
  • We would prefer candidates with the relevant experience we can learn from & could eventually become part of our core team.

Communications & Outreach

  • Create campaigns to promote our monthly offline & online Draping Workshops.
  • Reach out to networks to promote our Corporate workshops & One-on-One sessions to get started with sustainable living.
  • Strategize the branding for the workshop to make it attractive for the mainstream crowd.
  • Planning and reaching out to networks for promotions.(Earn up to 30% of total revenue from workshops)
  • We would prefer candidates who could eventually become part of our core team.

Content & SEO

  • SEO upgrading existing material and writing content for the official website.
  • Writing and scheduling blog content for store website.
  • Coordinate & plan insightful & useful Newsletters for the Ullisu community every month.
  • We currently prefer candidates who can join right away for catalog and can grow into other content & communication roles. 
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