About us


Our Approach

"Ullisu" is Kannada for "to save".

At Ullisu, we have always aimed at providing support and resources to help individuals make sustainable lifestyle choices. How can we do more with less?

We believe living sustainably should be as easy and as casual as going to the gym, & not become a question of one's morality. 

Our key focus has been building more access to products, organisations & encouraging habits that to lead a Zero-waste Lifestyle. 

We ensure all products listed on our store are something that can help you reduce environmental impact in every area of lifestyle choices. We are striving to increase transparency in the impact created by the products available on our store, so consumers are aware of the relative impact they create by choosing them.

Our Instagram page @ullisu.official, is known for being a realistic & most trusted journal of an individuals attempt at reducing our polluting impact on the planet. (Psst..We highly recommend you to stay in touch with us on social media where I get super candid)

We do not just focus on helping you reduce single-use plastic consumption, but provide a wholesome perspective on how a consumer can aid and support the shift to a more circular economy. By offering free resource initiatives like the Package free Map, Whatsapp Mini-letters, Zero Retreats, & the joy of Thifting with @rebirth.blr, a brainchild project of www.indiawasted.com , hundreds of people have kickstarted their own zero-waste journey.

Reach out to us if you'd like to be promoted in our community of savers.