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Almitra Copper Bottle 750ml
Almitra Sustainables

Almitra Copper Bottle 750ml

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Copper is an essential mineral significant for human health. It’s long been a holistic tradition in India to drink water from Copper bottles to have a balance in the body and to get rid of all the impurities. Our Copper Bottles are inspired from this age-old Indian tradition to make every sip of water count, as the modern-day single use plastic bottles have become a menace to our health and our planet.

How cool is Our Copper Bottle?

-Easy to fit in your backpack

-Avoid single-use plastic bottle on the go and become responsible.


-Elegant and Stylish!

Material Pure Copper Care Instructions

– Add 2 tbsp Vinegar

– 1 Tbsp Salt

– 2 Cups water

 Close the Lid Shake Rinse

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