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CodeEffort Bolster Cushion
CodeEffort Bolster Cushion
Code Effort

CodeEffort Bolster Cushion

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18' x 24' inches 

Weighs 900 gms each cushion.


Code effort is a cigarette Butt recycling facility that recycles it, purifies it, removes toxins and makes the cotton safe for use again.

It creates stuffed products and sells them back into the market, saving many cigg butts and creating value out if materials considered trash.

The recycled materials adhere to all the necessary quality checks and certificate. Code effort ensures that their materials are consume friendly post processing out the toxins.

Note: The shipping packaging of this product will not be 100% plastic free. Some plastic film is necessary for these products, as the paper will not be sufficient to protect them during transit. Yet we support this product since we hope to encourage the demand for recycled materials as we encourage people to recycle their cigarette butts. Kindly ensure the packaging plastic you receive is mindfully managed or saved for "Back to Ullisu" Scheme.

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