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CHENNAI Bioenzyme CLEAR Lemon- 1 ltr
Miracle Enzyme

CHENNAI Bioenzyme CLEAR Lemon- 1 ltr

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The microbes in bio-enzymatic cleaners are able to reach very small cracks and crevices on surfaces, which means they can eliminate soiling and malodours that traditional chemicals often cannot. The good, non-pathogenic microbes help to eliminate the bad, pathogenic, disease-causing microbes that are harmful to humans. 1 ml of bio enzyme purifies 1 litre of water so while we clean our home our environment gets cleaned at the same time. Clear ME is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used for floor mopping, surface disinfectant, fertilizer, air purifier, toilet cleaning.


1. Keep it in a cool dark place

2. Lightly shake before use

3. Patch test to be done on the marble floor. Do not leave for too long on marble

4. There might be sediments due to natural fermentation, it's safe to use. You might see some white sediments on top don't worry it's good bacteria.


Water, Citrus peels, Jaggery, neem leaves, Essential oil

MAKER: Vasudha from Miracle Enzyme, Chennai

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