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Kocoatrait 73% Espresso Dark Chocolate 45Gms

Kocoatrait 73% Espresso Dark Chocolate 45Gms

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The 73% Kocoatrait Espresso Coffee Chocolate Bean to Bar Chocolate is made from Organic Cocoa & Arabica & Robusta Coffee beans of Indian origin and sweetened with Non Refined Cane Sugar! This bar is your 1st step into the exploration of the really dark side of chocolate with coffee! The Kocoatrait Espresso Coffee Chocolate is our tribute to the Indian coffee bean! Espresso is a concentrated coffee known to have a bold and not a bitter flavour. This is achieved by controlling the roasting profile of the coffee beans. The powder is then ground and is forced through nearly boiling water with 9–10 bars of pressure usually. It is usually served in small, strong shots and is the base for many coffee drinks. 

About Kocoatrait:

Kocoatrait is a Sustainable and Responsible Indian bean to Bar chocolate brand conceived by Poonam Chordia and has been incubated by L Nitin Chordia, India’s 1st certified chocolate taster. As a brand, we believe in:

  • Sustainable Packaging – Paper/Plastic/wood free (made with reclaimed cotton/Cocoa Husk)
  • Using Local Ingredients (Indian Origin Beans used)
  • Traditional Non Refined Sweetners/Sugars used (Desi Khandasari Sugar)
  • Using A2 Milk in our dark milk chocolate range (for the 1st time in Indian bean to bar chocolates!)
  • Marrying Traditional Recipes (Like Sukku Coffee, Herbal Sugars) with chocolate
  • Community Inclusiveness (Differently abled community doing our printing)
  • Offering Exotic, Innovative and Indulgent Flavours to help you explore the boundaries of chocolate
  • A indulgence that also keeps in mind the health of the consumer

We hope that the above effort translates into an enjoyable chocolate experience for you!

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