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Kocoatrait Ceremonial Cacao 200 Gms

Kocoatrait Ceremonial Cacao 200 Gms

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You can now buy ceremonial cacao in India! Yes! Our ceremonial cacao is made using traditional recipe & process to be used during cacao ceremonies. Cacao in a minimally processed form is believed to be a vasodilator, meaning your blood vessels widen & muscular systems relax potentially helping increase blood flow by up to 30%, meaning that potentially more blood, is moving through your body & nourishing all of your systems. Used for cacao ceremonies, it is cacao in its purest paste form and does not taste like chocolate! Ceremonial Cacao has no sweetener added. The only ingredient present in ceremonial cacao is roasted and ground whole shelled organic cacao beans. Nothing more, nothing less.  Nothing is ever added, chemically altered or taken away. Unlike hot chocolate which is made from cacao powder (where the cocoa butter is pressed out), we leave in the cacao butter, the carrier of all of cacao’s benefits. The drink is made with hot water, minimal sweetener (if so desired) – by contrast to a typical hot chocolate made with cocoa powder, sugar and milk!

What is the difference between cacao paste and ceremonial cacao paste?

Technically speaking, cacao paste and ceremonial cacao are made of more or less the same ingredients. It’s the thoughtfulness and tradition in processing (low temperature roasting & stone grinding) and the intention in drinking ceremonial cacao that differentiates it from cacao paste. In a regular 100% cocoa paste, butter and vanilla is usually added. However, nothing is taken out or added during this process to ceremonial cacao, which leaves the ceremonial cacao pure.

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