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Friends and Cuomo - The OG Cat Litter - 5Kg/9L
Friends & Cuomo

Friends and Cuomo - The OG Cat Litter - 5Kg/9L

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Every cat parent knows what it is like when their pet has just taken a dump, and the messy kitty is on its way to track litter all over the house. Only cat people can understand how cheesing-off it is when there are bits of litter on our clothes and beds. And let’s not forget how badly we all want to get rid of the unpleasant smell that makes us go, “Whoa! This litter stinks to high heaven!” Do you keep switching cat litter because you can’t decide which litter is the best? We constantly have to keep in mind issues such as harmful chemicals, foul odour, affordability. We’ve heard your prayers. Say hello to “THE OG CAT LITTER”. You’ll now enjoy cleaning that litter tray. Seriously. Made from ethically sourced raw materials, it is free from chemicals, five times more absorbent than clay litter, and absorbs every bit of odour! Sounds impressive, right ?

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