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Kamarkattu Herbal Bath Powder - 250g
Kamarkattu Herbal Bath Powder - 250g

Kamarkattu Herbal Bath Powder - 250g

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WHY TRY THIS? This bath powder is made with herbs & flowers with unique properties to soothe and nourish skin which in turn nourishes body and soul. Applying chemicals everyday to your skin (which interacts with all internal organs every moment) can be avoided with this simple switch in habit. It has no chemicals/preservatives. Handmade in hygienic environment, this is the best product for baby bath as well. The skin after a bath with our powder will have pores breathing and skin oils retained ; you will not need any powder/cosmetics to enhance your freshness!

As bath powder (for babies as well as adults) Take few tspns of the powder (as required) in a bowl with water making it a paste; Wet the skin, Gently massage skin with paste & rinse off. Your skin will be so fresh after drying that no more enhancers required post bath As face pack When you have time to pamper your face, take 3-5 tspns of powder, add curd/ water and mix well. Apply this paste in circles from neck above and leave in face for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off & feel that freshness in your face

* Best before 6 months from packaging


Turmeric (kasturi manjal), Vettiver, Avaram poo, Rose, Magizham poo,
Green Gram, Sweet flag, White turmeric, Coco grass, Arjuna Bark, Citrus peel, Hibiscus

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