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Kamarkattu Laundry Soap Bar: 100g - Pack of 4

Kamarkattu Laundry Soap Bar: 100g - Pack of 4

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Cold  pressed coconut oil, Soap berries, blended lemons, lye, soy wax, Lemon Essential oil, Lemongrass Essential oil

It contains natural cleanser and disinfectant. No artificial coloring agent/chemicals/artificial fabric softener/artificial fragrance.

* Chemicals in commercial detergents not only are harsh to your clothes; constant contact with its residue is not good for the largest organ of your body – the skin!

* And if you are a nature lover you leave no toxic residue to mother earth. The water from wash as well as powder residue can be let into soil/ pots without doing damage. This will be your step towards living a toxic free waste free life.

*Best before 6 months from packaging

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