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Let's Talk Trash- 2 Kids Activity Books
Let's Talk Trash- 2 Kids Activity Books
Let's Talk Trash- 2 Kids Activity Books
Let's Talk Trash- 2 Kids Activity Books

Let's Talk Trash- 2 Kids Activity Books

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The ‘Let’s Talk Trash’ project by Shubhashree is a bid to get conversations started about consumption, our throwaway culture and the impact our lives are having on our planet. The little illustrated handbook, Let’s Talk Trash has ideas for reducing our trash footprint in various aspects of our daily lives, while the Kids’ Activity book is filled with games that introduce concepts like Waste segregation, Recycling, Composting. Both the books make ideal gifts if you are already passionate about sustainability and are living the conscious life.

This set contains 2 books: 

1.Let’s Talk Trash, the little illustrated handbook-A6 size, 34 pages

Filled with simple, everyday ideas towards a less messy world, this book also takes a brief look at the past to see what lessons we can learn from our earlier generations and how they were pretty effortlessly #zerowaste, even before it became a hashtag. 

If you're getting a bit disgruntled at the state of our planet and wondering where to start, this book is for you. If you're already 'woke' and you carry your own cutlery and #RefuseTheStraw, but some people STILL don't seem to get it - this book is a perfect gift for them!

2.Let’s Talk Trash: the KIDS’ ACTIVITY BOOK-A4 size, 28 pages

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce your waste footprint and are eager to get your kids involved, this book is a great resource to introduce concepts such as recycling, waste management, single-use plastics etc.

Both children and adults alike will find plenty of information that is more relevant now than ever, conveyed through activities in the book and this book is best suited for 4-12 year olds. If you must give a return gift at a party for kids, make it this one!

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