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Ullisu - Lazy DIY Kit

Ullisu - Lazy DIY Kit

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What is common between zero waste DIY versions of shampoo/conditioner/Aftershave/mouthwash/Deodorant/dishwasher/floor cleaner & laundry liquid?

The ingredients in this LAZY DIY KIT! You can use these ingredients to experiment with all the trending recipes you've been scrolling through online. 

Try asking your grandparents and they can tell you everything about how they used these ingredients for daily self-care routines in their childhood and lived a perfectly good zero waste lifestyle.

This kit contains everything you need to get started on basic recipes every zero waster experiments with:

- 200 gms Reetha powder

- 250 gms Shikakai

- 1 pc of Alum Stone 

- 100 gms of Flax Seeds

- 100 gms of Lavang


Because let's face it, even with the spirit to experiment zero-waste hacks at home, it can get pretty annoying to separately source all these ingredients, or hunt for stores nearby. We have packaged this in minimal paper packaging, in a box shipped to you plastic-free packaging. Once you receive these items, empty them into containers at home and try out all those recipes you had saved for later. You can also find recipe cards in the box to help you get started. 

All the above ingredients have been sourced from bulk markets in Bangalore, brought home in reusable bags, and curated for you!

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