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Morish Botanicals, Curry Leaf Hydrosol-100ml, Toner
Morish Botanicals

Morish Botanicals, Curry Leaf Hydrosol-100ml, Toner

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Our Curry leaf Hydrosol/ Curry Patta water is prepared by steam distillation method using fresh leaves of curry trees. It helps to cure our skin, especially good for hair. It is rich in antioxidants, antiseptic and purifying qualities. It stimulates growth of hairs, heals our scalp infection, reduces dandruff and It’s a superfood for our skin ,helps to heal acne, pimples & other skin disorders.Its regular usage is more helpful to prevent premature hair greying and imparts a natural radiance to your skin.The herb-rich powerful compounds promote hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. Benefits Curry leaf Hydrosol: For hair: Helps in reducing dandruff. Delays the premature greying of hair. Provides nourishment. Revives the damaged hair follicles and increases hormonal cells in your hair. Gives relief to the itchy scalp. Helps in speeding up hair growth. For skin It helps with skin nourishment. Helps in skin regeneration. Fights bacterial infection and prevents acne and breakouts. Hydrates skin and helps in balancing pH.

Use it as a facial toner/cleanser, face/body/hair mist, and can be added to your powdered masks instead of plain water for adding benefits, in your own skincare & haircare DIY’s or formulations.

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