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Morish Botanicals - Rosemary Leaves (Dried Rosemery)-50gm
Morish Botanicals - Rosemary Leaves (Dried Rosemery)-50gm
Morish Botanicals

Morish Botanicals - Rosemary Leaves (Dried Rosemery)-50gm

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Are you aware of the incredible benefits of using rosemary leaves for beauty? Although it is a classic Italian herb that has a distinct flavor and aroma, it is in high demand these days for its countless benefits. -This tiny herb can help treat your scalp and stimulate hair growth. This makes it one of the few natural ingredients to be used for scalp treatment. -If you're someone who wakes up with swollen skin and puffiness, then rosemary leaves are your savior! It is an excellent herb in soothing puffiness. -Rosemary toner - Add 1 Rosemary sprig to boiled ¾ cup water. Once the water cools down, pour it into a spray bottle and add some apple cider vinegar to it. Use it as a toner & you'll notice a positive change in your skin. -Rosemary oil - Use these leaves with a subtle oil of your choice like Coconut oil and warm up the mixture. Let it cool for a few minutes & apply the strengthening concoction to your scalp, leave it on for at least 30 minutes before you wash your hair. Give it a try!

Origin India

How to store: Keep the pouch in an airtight jar in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with very bright light or sunlight as it might damage the product.

NOTE : Patch Test Required.

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