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Morish Botanicals - Tulsi Hydrosol, 100ml
Morish Botanicals

Morish Botanicals - Tulsi Hydrosol, 100ml

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Holy Basil hydrosol, more popularly known as Tulsi water/arrk (Ocimum sanctum) is prepared by using steam distilling of fresh Shyama basil leaves from our Indian farms. Warm, soothing, and slightly spicy, this hydrosol is wonderful to spray on the face or body. Holy Basil, is a sacred Ayurvedic herb used for health, harmony, and meditation. Shyama Tulsi or Holy Basil is an aromatic shrub with exceptional medicinal value usually found in every Indian home. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial & antifungal properties which purify the skin pores and balances the oil production, help to soothe & relieve the skin, and treat dandruff & scalp itchiness. The nature of holy basil is warm hence helping normalize Kapha and Vata.

Benefits: Toner for Oily Skin: This hydrosol is good for oily skin as it has astringent properties. It has the capability to tighten your skin and enhance your skin tone. This will even make your skin look younger as it will shrink the large pores and firm your skin. It works as a natural cleanser for your skin. Good for Youthful Skin: You can use basil hydrosol for achieving youthful-looking skin. It contains antioxidants that will provide your skin with a firm look. Use it to make facial mist or toner for aging skin. You can even massage it on your skin to make your skin appear glowing and shiny.

Usage: Use it as a facial toner/cleanser, face/body/hair mist, and can be added to your powdered masks instead of plain water for adding benefits, as an air freshener or in your own skincare & haircare DIYs or formulations. You can spray it on your skin to repel the bugs and mosquitoes. Tulsi (Holy Basil) makes a great choice for men who prefer a light herbal and slightly spicy aftershave or for those who want a non-floral skin tonic.

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