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GiftGreen Neem Combs
GiftGreen Neem Combs
Gift Green

GiftGreen Neem Combs

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  • Made from herbal neem wood.
  • Neem is known to have anti-fungal and anti-allergen properties.
  • Stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing hair growth and producing thicker hair.
  • Neem comb does not generate static electricity hence keeping your hair intact.
  • variations : Pocket size / Medium Size

    • Cleaning: When using wooden combs, clean them regularly. Do not soak in water or liquid solution for a long time.
    • Usage: Daily usage is recommended for maintaining smooth, silky, long hair.

    Benefits of Using Neem Hair combs :

    Gentle on your hair: Plastic and metal combs have pointed edges and have sharp teeth. Regular usage can cause damages to your scalp thereby leading to hair loss. Wooden combs are generally soft and are very gentle on your hair.

    Not Static:  Metal and plastic combs with their high-static charge, allow dirt to stick to them, and distribute the dirt over the hair. Neem does not generate static electricity hence keeping your hair intact.

    For Dandruff: Plastic/metal combs are susceptible to fungal infection, whereas neem wood doesn’t allow fungal growth. Getting rid of these fungal growths will lead to a reduction in dandruff.

    Friendly on your Scalp: Dandruff and damaged hair conditions are worsened due to dirt and unwanted particles settling in hair. Prolonged exposure of such conditions to hair increases oil secretion and closing up pores. Wooden combs aids in removing such unwanted particles thereby opening up pores and allowing the scalp to breathe.

    End of Life: Neem wood combs are completely bio-degradable.


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