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Nytarra Air Purifying Camphor
Nytarra Air Purifying Camphor
Nytarra Air Purifying Camphor

Nytarra Air Purifying Camphor

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Cleanse the air in your home and workplace with our Purifying Bhimseni Camphor. Breathing clean air should be a priority, always.

According to ancient Indian traditional systems of healing, camphor purifies the air and inhaling that air has numerous medicinal benefits.

It not only cleanses the air of pollutants and micro bacteria, but helps in cleaning blockages in the nasal cavity that come with congestion, it keeps pests & bugs away, calms the mind and uplifts the mood.

Using high quality camphor instead of synthetic variants available in the market is crucial. Bhimseni Camphor (the purest form) is known to cut the hazardous effects that pollution has on our health.

Note: To prevent camphor from evaporating into the air, this product does comes in a layer of plastic packaging. Yet we chose to include this product on our website as camphor is also an important ingredient in many low waste DIYs like mosquito repellent, wardrobe fresheners, air fresheners, consumables, etc, which can help you reduce packaging in many other areas combined. The quality of this camphor is pure & premium compared to the mainstream camphor found otherwise and has been highly recommended by many users.

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