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Nytarra Hawan Cups
Nytarra Hawan Cups
Nytarra Hawan Cups

Nytarra Hawan Cups

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Jatamasi, Tulsi, Ashawgandha, Guggal, Loban, Cow dung for outer shell 


Hold the cup and light the top part of the rim over fire. Once the rim starts to burn, diffuse the flame and place the hawan cup in a holder. 

Caution: Do not leave the hawan cup unattended while the flame is still burning.

Burning herbs and resins has been revered and practiced since the Vedic period as a time-honored tradition for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. 

These hand-crafted hawan cups use the same herbs and resins. On burning, they fill the air with their heady fragrance while energizing and purifying the mind. These hawan cups are perfect for those who are charmed by our age old traditions and find delight in fragrant spaces.

These cups are great for everyday use to purify and fill your home with pleasing aromas. 

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