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SochGreen Period Panty
SochGreen Period Panty
SochGreen Period Panty
SochGreen Period Panty
Soch Green

SochGreen Period Panty

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SochUnderwear (Hipster) is reusable, washable, leakproof period underwear which can last up to 70 washes.
The panty has absorbent fabric and leakproof layer protecting from leakage covering front, back and side of the panty.
Panty protects against Light Period Flow, Spotting, White Discharge, Backup for Menstrual Cup /Tampon and Light Urinary Incontinence or Urine leaks.
For very heavy flow and/or Postpartum or After Delivery Bleeding, we suggest using a panty with insert and interlabial pads. The panty should be changed every 6 hours for hygiene reasons or based on your menstrual flow.

The panty comes without a removable insert pad. *Size chart indicates measurement from the waist.
The panty can be used for Mild Urinary Incontinence or Urine Leaks. IT DOESN’T SOAK FULL URINE LIKE DISPOSABLE DIAPER.
WASH & CARE INSTRUCTIONS: SOAK the used panty + insert in a mug of cold water for 30 minutes. SCRUB by hand with mild soap and water. Do not use a brush


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