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Praacheen Vidhaan - White Tamarind Seeds - Pack of 2 - 500g
Praacheen Vidhaan

Praacheen Vidhaan - White Tamarind Seeds - Pack of 2 - 500g

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Tamarind is the fruit of Tamarindus Indica popularly used in indian cuisine. The black seeds found inside the tamarind fruit is also edible (which is usually discarded). The black tamarind seeds are roasted and the top husk is removed to get the white kernals. These tamarind seeds are a popular snack amongst the rural population, we want to bring this into urban population. 

The Tamarind kernels smells a bit like coffee bean. They have a nice creamy color and flavour, they are very hard to bite, so they must be kept in the mouth for some time mixing with saliva and eaten slowly.
It helps people who have a habit of constant nibbling, so they can engage their mouth and at the same time have a cholesterol free, slow to eat, healthy snack

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