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Sochgreen - Oraganic Period Panty (HIGH RISE) (Heavy Flow, Stitched Pad)
Sochgreen - Oraganic Period Panty (HIGH RISE) (Heavy Flow, Stitched Pad)
Sochgreen - Oraganic Period Panty (HIGH RISE) (Heavy Flow, Stitched Pad)
Soch Green

Sochgreen - Oraganic Period Panty (HIGH RISE) (Heavy Flow, Stitched Pad)

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Soch Period Underwear in High Rise style is a classic choice for those looking for a high-rise, extended-coverage underwear that provides maximum support; it is available in XS to XL sizes and in 2 colors: beige and black.
Our black variant also gives you the option of lace-embellished underwear.

Fabric: While the underwear is made from highly breathable organic cotton (95% O.Cotton, 5% Spandex), the absorbent pad is made from quilted organic cotton. It comes with a leak-proof layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) and 2 layers of quilted absorbent cotton in its stitched pad.

Usage: Soch Period Underwear High Rise Style can be used as period underwear and underwear for spotting, white discharge, and mild urinary incontinence.
  • Light to Moderate Flow: The panty is ideal for light to moderate flow and can be worn on its own without any additional pads for upto 7 hours or overnight.
  • Heavy Flow: The panty on its own will last around 2-4 hours to wear it for a longer duration, you can use interlabial pads or cloth pads along with the panty.

Style: The High Rise style offers a snug fit and great back support, which makes it a great choice for working out and outdoor activities. Pair Soch Period Underwear High Rise Style with fitted dresses and activewear for that comfortable and sporty feel! 

Wash Care: We have used delicate organic fabrics for that supersoft and comfortable feel. Make sure that you do not use a brush to clean it. To remove stains, soak in regular or cold (not hot) soapy water for 30min to 2 hours and gently rub with hand or use gentle machine wash. It is best to be dried under the sun. If you still have stains, gentle stain removers can be used but do not use any fabric softeners.

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