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This is (Not) a Planner 2.0 - Activity/Workbook-Journal-New Years-NAP 2.0
This is (Not) a Planner 2.0 - Activity/Workbook-Journal-New Years-NAP 2.0
This is (Not) a Planner 2.0 - Activity/Workbook-Journal-New Years-NAP 2.0
This is (Not) a Planner 2.0 - Activity/Workbook-Journal-New Years-NAP 2.0

This is (Not) a Planner 2.0 - Activity/Workbook-Journal-New Years-NAP 2.0

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  • NOTE:

    This product is lovingly handmade and imperfectly perfect. Minor color, texture, print imperfections are normal :)


We believe that plans are just… plans. This rollercoaster of a year has us trying to fit all of last year’s plans into this next year, and while we understand the urge, we want you to take a minute to slow down and go with the flow. Stop trying to fit everything into a to-do list and find time to do things in the real world instead.

Less Planning. More Doing.

And we made the NotAPlanner to help you do just that!

Our clean, minimalistic design helps keep clutter at bay, and our creative prompts and pages help you get better at setting realistic goals, incrementally building habit systems, practicing kindness and gratitude, and flexing your creative muscles in small ways everyday. We want you to level up in life, while having a massive amount of fun in the process!

 So here’s what’s included in the NotAPlanner - (undated) calendar pages, notes and to-do spaces, gratitude lists, habit trackers, creative questions, kind notes to get you through the day, fun activities to do by yourself or with a friend, and a few more surprises to get you to try new things and make time for joy!


The NotAPlanner is 

- 154 pages, Lightweight and easy to carry (no strength training with this one, sorry!)

- Undated, so you can start and stop whenever you’d like! (no need to wait for Jan 1)

- A fun design that’s *completely* hand-drawn (so you’re supporting a marginally-starving artist)

- Sustainably produced with paper repurposed from post-consumer cotton waste (making this a truly ZERO WASTE purchase)

- and created by two women who believe in making time for the things we love.

 Each planner purchase comes with the following extras:

- Drawstring bag / dust cover made with  fabric scrap intended for landfills 

- Repurposed paper bookmark to serve as a mindful reminder as well as a placeholder

- 6 Travel Activity Cards (also zero-waste and INR 440/- value) designed to make your next trip or vacation a lot more fun

- and a ton of thanks from two entrepreneurial women. 

Packaging Note : Environment over Aesthetics - Our NotAPlanner bundle is packaged using eco-friendly envelopes and paper tape. So while it may not look extra pretty, please know that it is extra nice to the environment ;)


*Orders are shipped out every Tuesday morning.

**For international order enquiries, please email us with your name, destination country and number of units and we will write back to you!

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