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Ullisu Reetha (Soapnuts)- 250 gms
Ullisu Reetha (Soapnuts)- 250 gms

Ullisu Reetha (Soapnuts)- 250 gms

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Reetha pods have natural Saponin. Which means they are soap that literally grow on trees.

Soak & Rub it with water and you'll see soapy lather forming!

You can boil then in water and use the liquid as a soapy cleanser for cleaning surfaces.

You can also strain it into pure liquid form and use it as a mild detergent for doing your laundry.

You can also use the left over pulp after straining in washing your vessels.


Make sure you remove the seeds after boiling reetha.

After boiling and extracting, make sure you use it up fresh or store in the fridge.

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