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SochGreen Winged Insert
SochGreen Winged Insert
SochGreen Winged Insert
SochGreen Winged Insert
Soch Green

SochGreen Winged Insert

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Winged Insert is designed to be used with Period Panty during heavy flow.
The Panty has a leakproof and absorbent crotch panel that can accommodate removable inserts to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.
During light flow, only the panty is sufficient. Adding an insert gives added protection against heavy period flow / postpartum or post-delivery bleeding.
The insert can be changed every 4 to 6 hours, or as per one’s needs. By doing this, a single period of panty can be used for an entire day. Insert does not have a LEAKPROOF LAYER.
|The insert cannot be used with regular panty and should be used with SochUnderwear.

Regular (Size A) Width-8 cm, Length-28 cm;
Regular (Size B) Width-8 cm, Length-34 cm;
Petite (Size P-A) Width-7 cm, Length-28 cm;
Petite (Size P-B) Width-7 cm, Length-34 cm;

FABRIC Insert Pad: It is an optional/detachable pad, made of an outer layer of 100% combed cotton, inner absorbent microfiber layer.

COLOR* Pink, Purple
Made in India


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