Sunday Support Calls

Join this space if you're looking for some peer motivation from people aspiring to be zerowaste, novices and veterans alike. We all relate to that feeling of being "the only one" in our peers who is going through these big habit changes to live more sustainably.

Sunday Support Calls is an online networking space inspired by The offline Zero waste meet-up initiative in Mumbai. Due to pandemic we shifted it online!

These calls may be hosted by:

  • Mehndi Shivdasani from the Conscious Chokri Blog. She is the founder of the monthly Zerowaste-Mumbai meet-up, and an early practitioner of a low waste lifestyle herself!
  • Mrudula joshi from Ullisu.official. Creator of this website, a platform to connect all of the eco-consumers to companies aiming to create a circular economy.
  • Reagan Credo from Reagan Creado. Aquatic & Beach wildlife enthusiast, and a great inspiration for someone hoping to live self-reliant with an appreciation for the local life. And also our only male host!



We will send you updates, Clubhouse link/google meet link to join, via  Email update. Please ensure you check your spam folder in case we announce on Instagram but you don't receive the update on your inbox.

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