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MIG-2, KHB colony, Suryanagara phase-1, Chandapura, Bengaluru-560099, Karnataka, India.

We also offer 3 types of customized consultation services!

One-on-One (Individuals): For individuals interested in starting a Low waste & Sustainable lifestyle. We recommend tips based on your living situation, time availability and unique circumstances.
Cost: Rs.500/pp

One-on-one (Businesses): Resource Guidance and brainstorming ideas for brands that want to understand the steps they can take to be in tune with the needs of conscious consumers and prevent green washing.
Cost: Rs.1000/pp

Group Seminar sessions: We conduct both offline and online seminars on understanding circular economy such that participants are left with the skills to brainstorm zero waste solutions in their lifestyle & work, without the need to follow a "sustainability checklist".
This is an interactive session that extends for 1-2 hours depending on how interactive the audience is.
Cost: Rs.5000/pp

Drop an enquiry on for consultation and we will reach out to you to discuss further details.

Looking forward to helping you make better choices for yourself & your community.