The Binge Recommendations

To Watch :


  • Plastics- John Oliver Last Week Tonight
  • Sir David Attenborough on Climate & Security- Security Council Open VTC
  • Tigers of Chandrapur
  • Is it Wrong to be Zero-waste?
  • Shampoo is a Lie (for me & maybe for you?)
  • Fast Fashion- Hasan Minhaj Patriot Act
  • Vox - Why humans are so bad at
  • thinking about Climate Change
  • Experience going Zero-waste for the first time
  • Kurzgesagt: How humans are turning the world into Plastic
  • Going Green Shouldn't be this hard
  • Biodegradable Plastic
  • Food Waste is the Dumbest Problem
  • The Diet that Helps Fight Climate Change
  • Take out Doesn't Have to Create Trash
  • Environmental Cost of Free Two Day Shipping
  • We tried going Zero-waste in Quarantine
  • Scientists aren't the best Champions of Climate Science
  • The Fight to Rethink & Reinvent Nuclear Power
  • Pumped Dry - Documentary on water tables
  • Vox - Is it Wrong To Fly?
  • Blue Planet II - BBC Earth
  • The Need to Grow - Documentary on Soil
  • The Game Changers
  • Power of Persuasion
  • Sustainable Fashion Webinar by FFF India - By Mridula Joshi
  • Who is Responsible for Climate Change? Who needs to fix it?
  • Kurzgesagt- Are GMOs good or bad for us?
  • The Next Pandemic- John Oliver Last Week Tonight
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