Plastic Management


Order of priority to manage Pure plastic waste:

    1. Reuse your Plastic if it is sturdy and in a usable condition.
    2.  If it cannot be Re-used, CLEAN & COLLECT your plastics. Aim to recycle whichever can be recycled by your local Kabadiwala. PET bottles (single-use plastic bottles) are accepted for recycling.
    3. If your local Kabadiwala does not accept certain items for recycling, look for private  services who may be willing to accept your waste. They may be either a pick up service, or request if you can  courier to them. Resources are listed under "Waste Management". Always reach out and confirm before sending it out, because some of them may have a minimum quantity  requirement.

4. If a brand uses plastic for upcycling into products, give them more preference. Ensure your plastic contributes to some continued economic value in the system. Cut these wrappers straight & neatly or else they cannot be used by them.

5. As a Last resort, you can send your cleaned pure plastic waste to a Polyfuel unit where plastic is zero-ed down to a fuel. They accept most types of plastics that are usually not accepted for recycling.
Rudra Environmental Solutions (All Soft Plastics)


Recycling only happens when the object is made of a single material.

Always ensure the plastic you collect for recycling isn't mixed with any other material (plastic tapes, stickers, laminated foils, medical packets). These fall under miscellaneous mixed trash, which is usually never accepted for recycling.

Contaminated plastic with food particles or grease is never accepted for recycling. ALWAYS CLEAN & RINSE your plastic waste to remove any such smell. This smell attracts molding, pests and rodents which ruins the value of the material.

Aim to refuse plastic at source to truly reduce the effort of dealing with plastic.

Try and reuse plastic containers to the best of your abilities before choosing to give for recycling.