Creating a Carbon Neutral Business with Ullisu

Creating a Carbon Neutral Business with Ullisu
Creating a Carbon Neutral Business with Ullisu

Ullisu takes the step to become climate neutral. 

  • Ullisu has begun their journey of becoming climate neutral by taking account of their carbon emissions and offsetting it. 
  • We use the GHG protocol to measure the carbon footprint. We take into consideration all the activities that result in carbon emissions of Ullisu’s operations.
  • Most of the emissions are from transportation of their goods and Ullisu will make plans to reduce it while also offset whatever that couldn’t be reduced. 
  • The implementation of a decentralised system to deliver the products directly to the customers reduces their carbon emissions by more than half. 
  • The entire carbon emission produced from the year 2021 due to the delivery service and operations of Ullisu will be offsetted. 



Reducing carbon footprint.

  • Ullisu uses a decentralised delivery system to deliver their products to their customers. 
  • When you place an order with Ullisu, the product gets directly shipped to you from the manufacturer which reduces the carbon footprint of the delivery by half
  • In comparison to conventional methods of shipping from a centralised delivery system where all the products are stored in one single warehouse, the decentralised delivery system where the products come directly from origin, is highly efficient in reducing the carbon footprint.

What is carbon offset?

  • Not all the carbon emissions could be reduced, we need solutions and research to transit to a zero-emission world. We could offset our emissions through ecosystem restoration projects like planting trees, restoring coral reefs, mangroves etc. 
  • We could also offset this by investing in a solution that’ll reduce carbon emissions like a solar energy plant or a wind energy farm etc. 
  • Protecting nature and the ecosystem could lead to not just taking the excess carbon from the atmosphere but also repairing the damage done by restoring the climate. 

For example, In order to offset 1 ton of CO2 we could plant a tree that has to grow for  close to 40 years to intake 1 ton of CO2. Ullisu will be investing in local plantation farms in South India to ensure offset targets are met by aiding reliable projects which can be visited. [1]



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