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January-February 2022 - Friday Newsletters

🍿 Comedy Watch
Marc Maron: End Times Fun (A)
Death to 2021 (U)

🍿 An Interesting Watch
Why we can’t have nice things: The story of a light bulb

🍿 A Short Documentary
Tigers of Chandrapur

📱 2 Instagram pages to follow
18 yr old Indian Wildlife Photographer:
Climate Science made simple:

📽️ Inspiring TedX (U)
Trying a No-Spend Year

🤓 A Book to sink into
The Inner Life of Animals:
Love, Grief, and Compassion―Surprising Observations of a Hidden World

📱 2 Instagram pages to follow:
Funny Animal facts
Terra Conscious Ecotourism:

📱 2 Instagram pages to follow
Manya Cherabuddi: Art, Natural color, playful.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation:

📱 2 Instagram pages to follow:
Wildlife Meme Page:
Positive Climate Action Updates:

📽️ Infotainment Tv Series
David Attenborough
Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet

📽️ Infotainment Netflix Series
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
Recommended: Episode 1

📽️ Documentary recommendation
Breaking Boundaries:

Workshop recommendation of the week right in time for Holi!

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