Waste Management

Cleaning and segregating our waste so we can take them to our recycler (also known as Kabadiwalas/Raddiwalas) is a lost art. Explore this section for resources to private recycling companies in urban cities that are making it easier for consumers to recycle their waste.

Click on the below icons to learn how to manage them efficiently without littering or sending them to landfills.

Recycling companies work in various capacities. Not all recycling companies have doorstep pickup feature. Some only work for whole apartment buildings and not individual houses. Some may accept recycling materials if its posted through mail to them. Some may only help connect you to the nearest kabadiwala.

Please ensure you get in touch with them before you directly mail your cleaned & segregated waste. It's best to find a local Kabadiwala near your house and directly interact with them. Recycling companies are usually the middle men that aim to organize and make the process easier.